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04 Jul 14
new theme blog design
20 Jun 14
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14 Feb 14
released theme: #10 etude
15 Jan 14

The new design is finally up! This took me quite some time.( ̄□ ̄;)

I re-did a lot of sections and tried to make it easier to navigate. Hope you guys like it!

Update + Twitter

It’s been several months since I last updated. (⌒_⌒;)

During that time, I had been extremely busy with my final semester. But it is all done and dusted now. :D

Currently I’m about 70% done with the theme blog revamp. The last one I did back in November (my current theme now) is a partial revamp due to time constraints. There will be some major changes, yes. (・∀・)

Also I made a new Twitter account for the theme blog. Since I use Twitter often and Tumblr far less, I will be posting progress updates there so I don’t appear to be too detached from theme blog maintaining.

Thanks for all the support messages everyone sent to me! Unfortunately I’m not able to respond to each of them, but I appreciate them nonetheless. (๑>ᴗ<๑)

may-jasmine sent: Hello! I hope I am not much of a bother, but please feel free to answer this when you're done with your paper. I am using Firefox for your "Etude ver.2" theme and I can't view it properly without having to zoom out first; the text would be quite unreadable by then. Any suggestion or workaround about it? I'll be experimenting with the theme a bit. Thank you for your time and good luck with your dissertation! You can do it! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Hello! That theme is better viewed on higher resolutions but as that is not a practical solution for some, here are the values you should change in the coding.

In Customize Theme → Edit HTML, click on the cog symbol and then click on Go to line.


Type in the line number and change the value of the height property as follows:

Line 187

  • height: 450px;

Line 229

  • height: 420px;

Line 456

  • height: 450px;

Make sure there’s a semi-colon ( ; ) at the end of the height property. If it needs to go smaller, type in lower values. There are three things you MUST make sure:

  1. Line 187 and 456 must always be the SAME height as each other
  2. For Line 229, subtract 30px from Line 187/456’s height (you can see from the above example that 450px - 30px = 420px)
  3. The sidebar image you upload must have a smaller height as a result of changing the values (or else it will push out the description and links)

Hopefully I’ve explained it okay!

And thank you for the support!(^▽^)

minjup sent: Hi,in your about me page how exactly do i link the links.. if i press the bear icons is the link suppose to appear?

Yes, the bear icons are the links. Sorry, I didn’t make it clear in the coding. I’ve changed it to this now:


Make sure the quotations are on either side of the link. For example:

<a href="http://www.tumblr.com">
kkumii sent: Hello! I really love your zophier theme and i used it for bit but then i noticed a glitch so i had to change it to another theme. not sure if you fixed it yet, but when i went on a certain tag on my blog, it shows about 10 posts or so flied under that tag but then after that it just showed other posts that weren't even under the tag??????

It’s likely that it has something to do with the masonry code, which unfortunately I’m unable to fix at this time. Sorry! (´□`。)

For now, the solution is to not use the grid theme with infinite scrolling. Grid theme with no infinite scrolling is fine. I think infinite scrolling with other posts sizes are also okay since they use a different code.

Other grid themes are also likely to be affected by this.

jiyongtoki sent: Is there any way I could make the whole box of the about me page bigger? like the bit where I enter all the information? thankyou!:)

You could do, if you know some HTML/CSS. You have to change some values in the style css.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to change several properties at the same time for it to work properly. But I can tell you where to look (the blue highlight is where you should edit the values in px).

This is the whole box:


Read More

electrail sent: What is the lovely song that plays on your Etude theme? ^^

It is BitSymphony's rendition of 'Silence and Motion' from Final Fantasy VIII's original soundtrack. I recommend listening to his other remastered works of various Final Fantasy songs if anyone's a fan of the series. (That particular rendition is my favourite!) (*^▽^*)

lunar-sugar sent: How do you use the "about page?"

Pages are a little difficult to use since you have to edit them in the coding.


First step is to find <body> (highlighted in pink). It is always placed around halfway in the coding. The coding afterwards is where you add/edit your own content.

The yellow highlighter is the image URL. You can upload your own image (I open up Tumblr’s text post to upload an image there), and then right-click and copy the image link URL. Although be careful about the size of the image you’re using as it can change the look of the theme. I don’t recommend changing images unless you know your way around style css in order to fix it.

The blue highlighters are where you put your own text. This is only a portion of the entire coding, but I think you can get the gist from this as it is similar throughout.

But I strongly recommend that basic knowledge of HTML/CSS is required to use pages, as you may make errors. It’s very easy to make errors in coding (I do it a lot too). ( ̄◇ ̄;)